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September 5, 2013
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Zeal Yup'ik Bio by KeyLimeCliche Zeal Yup'ik Bio by KeyLimeCliche

"I wake up every morning, not as a person, but as a suit of armor."

Name: Apanuugak "Zeal" Yup'ik
Age: Twenty-three
Generation: 2nd
Birthplace: Willow, Alaska
Species: Dog (Samoyed)

Small Bio:
- Zeal grew up in a small town, but was always known to be the firecracker among his family and neighbors
- Although his Native/Inuit American (his father is Haida; his mother Alutiip) roots are genetically rooted within him, he has found it difficult to really relate to his people
- His mother married young, having him at a tender age which resulted in her becoming a housewife of sorts, although she did raise money by doing some extra errands for neighbors and friends
- His father was Police Commissioner of his section; a well renowned officer in his community; he was known for being slightly stoic, but very kind and having a good sense of justice
- While in his teens, a serial rapist and murderer ran amok the small town; he had brutally killed six women over the course of three months
- A year later it was discovered through forensic evidence that it was Zeal's father who had committed the crime; he was unapologetic
- Despite pleading guilty, he was given over one-hundred years in prison without parole
- After the experience, Zeal's family became distraught; many people believed his family to be cursed, or didn't want to associate with them because they believed they knew about the murders and kept their mouths shut. They were shunned by neighbors, schoolmates, and despised by some of the victim's families.
- Over the course of time though, most people began to become more reasonable and found they could forgive the innocent children and spouse; still, others did not, and his family still suffers from rare backlashes of the incident
- Outside of his community, Zeal's people were also slandered; his father's murders had caused a terrible stir among American citizens (no, not only white-Americans) and instead of blaming the man, many turned against their ethnicity
- Since then Zeal, who had already aimed his career in becoming a police officer, decided that he would rebuild a new, respectful name for his family and culture
- In order to do that, he began to make an effort in not only his duties as deputy, but also in learning more about his cultural background
- Although he wants to be the exact opposite of his father, Zeal carries a burden on his shoulders and mind; years after the incident, he has found himself having disturbing fantasies. He sometimes sees himself with the desire to harm others, or at intervals killing them. The thoughts are more like sudden impulses, which spring up unexpectedly and occur more often in the sole presence of a woman or perhaps when a tool/device that could be used as a weapon is in his possession. Strangely enough, this feeling is unaffected by his gun, club, or other registered weapons.
- The thoughts both frighten and shame him, so he refuses to seek help or speak to anyone else about it; because they are rare, he also feels they will go away on their own.
- No matter how repulsed he is by his father, Zeal has found that he cannot fully hate him; sporadically, he visits him in jail--his father is the only person who knows of his 'fantasies', and sadly enough he does not give Zeal any good advice towards it. He believes it's in their blood to kill.

- Normal elementary, middle, and high school education
- He wasn't the smartest nor the dumbest, but he was sometimes known for slacking off
- Recess was his best subject (herp)
- Moved out of his parents' home to study in Juneau at the Public Safety Academy (still an officer-in-training)

Officer of the law; Very athletic, heightened sense of smell and hearing

Relationship Status:
Single...and slightly desperate.

- He's great friends with Reid Walker and his team of thieves. He keeps 'threatening' them that when he becomes a real cop he's actually going to arrest them, because that's the only thing stopping him from doing so at the moment--but no one takes him seriously. (Taken from my other picture of him;;; )
- His view on justice, and life itself, isn't black and white, but very open minded.
- His eyesight is somewhat blurry at night due to acute nyctalopia
- He has a sister, who is five years younger than him; they have a typical brother-sister relationship
- The nickname Zeal was given to him by his second grade classmates, and it stuck ever since
- Loves karaoke
- He can be easily embarrassed in explaining his culture to 'outsiders', even if they're just interested or find it fascinating; it still makes him slightly uncomfortable
- His parents moved to Willow while his mother was pregnant with Zeal, but the family often visits the village where his parents lived because of family and friends
- Professional snowboarder

- Terrible at playing instruments and hunting; something his close friend often makes fun of
- Awkward around women
- 'Bipolar' at times (As in, he can be very silly and suddenly become very serious)
- A bit of a sore-loser

- Jason Marsden for voice
- ((face claim to come))
- Most of his fashion comes from men's magazines c: (sostylish/shot)
*I usually like to keep details realistic when it comes to anthros, so with that being said, I know that spikey-blue hair isn't the proper grooming for a o.i.t, but I decided to give myself a break with this one ; v;
I like the hair too much to take it away...but who knows, i might play around with it a little;;;
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